Bulacan Polytechnic College

Bulacan, Philippines

Owned and Managed by the Provincial Government of Bulacan

The Sentry

The Official Student Publication of the Bulacan Polytechnic College


To embody press freedom and promote creative writing so as to produce more fearless forecasters of public information for BPCians.


To cover events in campus, write news articles and publish them for BPCians and the like to promote instant access to information.

The Sentry has been serving the BPCians for countless years. Informing the public to the events happening inside and outside the institution, and playing the eyes and ears of the students since the day it was founded. Surely, you would like to know how on earth the said student's publication popped-out in BPC. So sit down, relax and open your eyes. Because the sentry, which normally informs the public about the events and issues inside and outside the campus, now shares you its history, success, as well as its problems. Do not like reading? Try putting your hands on the campus paper and lying your eyes on this article. You are about to read the history of the organization which has been part of the BPC and to your life as well.

Here is the brief summary that will tell some things about the organization which has been serving the BPC students since then until now.

In the year 1998, a conscientious, energetic and literary expert faculty member, Mr. Antonio Queror Jr. of Bulacan Polytechnic College initiated a state of the art endeavor by putting up the first school organ. After solicitation of advice from faculty members, staffers and from the administration, he named it "The Sentry" which means "guard". There followed the discriminate recruitment of staffers who had the competent potentials in the arena of writing. After stringent training in news, opinion, editorial writings and different genres of literary arts, the school organ made its maiden publication of the same year. It was just a four-page tabloid chronicling significant events and remarkable achievements of the school, likewise literary compositions from the students. Despite transition of the school organ's moderator, the paper remained lofty in its ideals as responsible watchdog of the institution. As more years went by, the school organ kept its torch burning through candid report, sensible opinion, feature write-ups and wholesome literary features.

In the year of 2005, Mr. Gerry Cruz, the incumbent college administrator unveiled his strong support to school paper by putting up a distinct office fully furnished with computer units and other office fixtures that led to a place of convenience of conduciveness to journalistic undertakings.

In year 2006, as the result of consolidating the Sentry Staffers' wild and creative minds, Polybee who is the Sentry's ingenious proud mascot was created. He is the new member of the organization who will always be on the side of the staffers until the next generations of the Sentry. He also has the invisible eyes and ears in which no one can ever veil from. Finally, as of year 2007, The Sentry now faces new challenges and changes regarding the campus paper, moderator and its staffers. More than that, the Sentry now also cooperates with its other branches on the BPC-Obando and San Miguel. This is just a proof, likewise to the BPC, that Sentry is slowly starting to grow, spread and reach those who are part of BPC.

The Sentry, playing eyes and ears of the BPCians, continues to motivate the writing capabilities of its staffers and to serve as the medium between the students and the BPC itself. As its motion is to cover events inside and outside the campus, write news articles and publish them for BPCians and to promote instant access to information, its vision is to embody press freedom and promote creative writing so as to produce more fearless forecasters of public information for BPCians. Currently the paper perpetuates its novelty as mouthpiece of bias-free information that is a gesture of honest legacy of a responsible school organ. It solemnly swears to stay responsible, fearless.