Bulacan Polytechnic College

Bulacan, Philippines

Owned and Managed by the Provincial Government of Bulacan

BPC Scholarship Grants

Any student who is interested and deserves a scholarship grants can avail himself/herself of any one of the scholarships available in the College. The type of scholarships are (a) Entrance Scholarship, (b) Institutional Scholarship, (c) PGB Scholarship (d) Barangay Scholarship, (e) Private scholarship, (f) Cultural and Athletics Scholarship, (g) Board of Trustee Scholarship and (h) Student Assistantship.

  1. Entrance Scholarship

  2. BPC offers scholarship to high school honor graduates. Hereunder is the tuition fee discounts.

    For honor Graduates Percentage
    Valedictorian 100%
    Salutatorian 50%
    1st honorable mention 30%
    Other honorable mentions 25%

  3. Institutional Scholarship (only for old students)

  4. This type of scholarship is either full (100%) or partial (50%) tuition fee discount for one semester.


    1. Applicant must be a bonafide student of BPC, carrying the load of 24 (minimum) to 30 (Maximum);
    2. He/She must secure application form at the Guidance Office;
    3. He/She must not obtain a grade lower than 2.0 in all subjects;
    4. He/She must obtain and maintain a grade weighted average of 1.0 to 1.49 for full scholarship, and 1.5 to 1.75 for partial scholarship;
    5. Application for scholarship take place before enrollment period;
    6. Applicants automatically enjoys scholarship upon approval of the application;
    7. Failure to maintain the required average for the occurring semester will mean discontinuation of scholarship.
    8. Re-application is possible for the next semester should the applicant meet the requirement
    9. Applicant must submit the following to the Guidance Counselor/ Student wellness Officer for application of scholarship:
    10. 9.1 2 copies of IS form
      9.2 2 copies of recent photo 1x1
      9.3 2 photo copies of evaluation form
      9.4 2 photo copies of class cards duly signed by the instructor

  5. PGB. Scholarship

  6. The PGB. Scholarship grants are financial assistance from the Provincial Government of Bulacan funded by the Office of the Governor.

  7. Barangay Scholarship

  8. As provided for in the pertinent provisions of the Local Government Code (R.A. 7160), the College offers Barangay (DILG) Scholarship to qualified students. Any student who is a child of a Barangay Official and has satisfactorily passed the College Entrance requirement is entitled for a full scholarship grant.

  9. Private Scholarship

  10. Private Scholarship grants are financial assistance from private individuals, institutions and organizations administered by the College and offered to poor but deserving students to cover full or partial tuition fee.

  11. Cultural & Athletics Scholarship

  12. Any player who is interested to undergo training from different sports and cultural events and has satisfactorily passed the requirements is entitled to a Full Scholarship Grants.

  13. Board of Trustee Scholarship

  14. A member of the BPC Board of Trustee is entitled to grant scholarship to only two (2) deserving student every semester.

  15. Scholarship for Student Assistants

  16. The College provides opportunities to students who have the time and skills to work as student assistants in various offices and earn wages at student rate to selected officer of Campus clubs and organizations.